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Health and Harmony through Ayurveda




Health and Harmony through Ayurveda

Come back to nature – come to Ayurveda

Ayurveda is attracting attention as a solution to the problems of toxicity, development of resistance in causative organism, huge cost of diagnostics and medicines. This book is based on the eternal wisdom of the ancient sages who recieved this science as a Divine blessing for the benefit of suffering humanity. This wisdom is based on the perfect wholeness of cosmic consciousness through religious introspection and meditation. Health and Harmony Through Ayurveda presents in detail the knowledge of constitution and its balancing principles, lifestyle counselling, including Ayurveda management of common disorders, dietetics, pharmacology, knowledge of massage with elaboration of marma – the vital point and Pancha Karma – one of the major healing techniques of systemic purification programme of revitalisation. This book presents the Ayurvedic principles in an understandable language which a lay person, beginner, schollar, practitioner of modern and complementary medicine and scienetific community may wish to study.

Auteurs: Dr. Anil K. Mehta & Dr. Raghunandan Sharma
Uitgeverij: Health & Harmony (Bjain Books)
Boek type: English, Hardcover, 494 pages
ISBN: 81-7021-934-5


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